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Habbo Club

About Habbo Club

What is HC?

Habbo Club is the cool gang of people in Habbo which have exclusive features. Habbo Club is purchased with Habbo credits and has a limited period before you have to pay again. So what exactly do you get? What does it cost?
Habbo Club varies from hotel to hotel. But it's roughly 20 credits for 1 month, 50 credits for 2 and 80 credits for 3.

The Cool Benefits!

The Badges
For the first 11 months you get the badge on the left and for the 13th month and onwards you get the badge on the right.
The Fashion items
With Habbo Club you get loads of clothes and accessories along with hairstyles which the rest of the hotel can't access! How cool is that?
13 more hair colours
7 more hair styles
19 more general colours
9 more hats
3 more hair accessories
2 more eye accessories
3 more face accessories
7 more shirts
5 more body accessories
2 more belts
The Shop
No-one else is allowed shop there apart from those special HC people. The shop sells furni which is in there for a limited time only.
Information on the Club Shop only applies to UK currently!
The first package was the Green Grass Range with the White One Way door.
The second set was the Blue Glass Range with the Ocean Traxmachine and White Road Barrier! Released: 14th February 2008.

The third set was to celebrate Alhambra. It was the Yellow Area Range! Released: 18th April 2008. This is the current set in the catalogue.

Public roomsWith Habbo Club you can access 2 public rooms that no-one else can...

Free Exclusive Rares
Every month you get a free gift, courtesy of Habbo. These gifts are normally known as 'HC rares'. Important note: club time is cumulative. This means that if you have a break in membership, and then rejoin, you'll start back in the same place you left off.
1. HC Sofa

2. Mega TV Set

3. Tubmaster

4. Antique Drapery

5. Mochamaster

6. Persian Carpet

7. Dicemaster

8. Retro Wall Lamp

9. Imperial Teleport

10. HC Roller

11. Throne Sofa

12. Medieval Bookcase

13. Oil Lamp

14. Drinks Trolley

15. Nordic Table

16. Weird Science Machine

17. Majestic Chair

18. X-Ray Divider

19. Study Desk

20. The Grammophon

21. Victorian Street Light

22. Heavy Duty Fireplace

23. Electric Butler

Then these 13 items are looped in the months to follow (in order)...
- Mega TV Set
- Antique Drapery
- Persian Carpet
- Retro Wall Lamp
- HC Roller
- Medieval Bookcase
- Drinks Trolley
- Weird Science Machine
- X-Ray Divider
- The Grammophon
- Victorian Street Light
- Heavy Duty Fireplace
- Electric Butler
You may notice that these are all rares that aren't original HC rares and are new in the latest version of Habbo.
3X More friends!
When you're with Habbo Club you can have 3x more friends! That's right, you can have 600 friends on your console! That means you will no longer have to apologise and claim that your friends list is full, you can just accept! Dance like no normal Habbo can...
With Habbo Club you can dance in 3 extra ways! The Rollie, Pogo-Mogo & Duck funk.
Extra Habbowood Movie Options
If you're a cool HC member you get 4 more scenes in HabboWood movies and you can also have 2 more scenes per movie! Cool layouts for your room!
Layouts for your room which no-one but HC's can use! Pretty nifty if you wanted to show off...
Habbo Home features and skip those annoying queues...
No more Habbo home adverts! Waa-hoo! You also get HC skins and backgrounds too! You also get to skip the queues when rooms are full - you get put into a special HC queue which has priority over the norms queue!
Command it
With :chooser you can view everyone in the room in a nice compact list, if you click a user on it it instantly selects them in the room. Handy if you wanted to kick someone out! And with :furni you can view every single item in them room in a list! Very useful for things like quests! Did you know, the :furni command was first added in release 6 of the hotel? WardrobeHabbo club members can use their very old wardrobe, where they can save up to 4 Habbo designs! This can be found on the 'change looks' page. To use it just design the Habbo you would like to save and click the red arrow on one of the boxes, then if you would like to load it click the green arrow. Easy as!

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